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Muscle Focus: Back extensors.

Objective: Strengthen the back extensors, glutes, and hamstrings. Increase spinal mobility.

Start Position: Lay flat on stomach with arms by side, head turned to one side. Bend both knees and hold onto both ankles.

Movement: Press your ankles into your hands and lift your chest and knees away from the Mat by engaging the backs of the legs and the back extensors. Maintain this shape as you rock forward and back. End with a stretch in child's pose.

Precautions: Avoid this exercise if you have back or knee injuries. Prior to performing this exercise, you should be able to proficiently execute the Swan and Swan Dive.
What You'll Need: Mat

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May 30, 2014
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Here we have rocking and it's an advanced exercise. If you have any history of back issues or back problems, this is not the choice for you and you would like to work with someone individually that can spot you well and protect your back, uh, as well as bad knees. That might not be the exercise for you, but if you are advanced and [inaudible] and nice and proficient and you would like to try another exercise, this is a step up from say the swan, similar where it's going to be increasing your flexibility of your spine, but certainly working on your back strength as well as some hamstring and glute strength, always using the powerhouse and has just applies. But say it's good for the body. So let's go ahead and begin. We're going to lie down onto your stomach. Great. And we're going to bend your knees so that you can grab the top of your foot or the ankle. Great. And I want you to stretch your hands, your quads by bringing your heels to your bottom three times, pulling one, two and three. Great. Now Straight and go ahead and let them go.

And I want you to think about your glutes, your bottom, your hamstrings, and pushing your pelvis into the mat as you push your feet into your hands, lifting up your head and you're levitating as much as much as you can and then go ahead and come down. And let's do that again. Of stretching the quads. We're gonna pull in three times, one, two, three and then pushing your pelvis into the mat and lifting with the powerhouse is what lifts our chest bone up. Ooh, that's nice. And we're going to come down one final time and we're going to pull in one, two, three. Press into your hands with those feet. Press your pelvis down into the mat. That's a beautiful open chest, lifting with the powerhouse and lets go ahead and rock and forward and good and breathe while you do this. There you go. Try to rock with your powerhouse, not just your head. And Go ahead and rock three more times and two and one more.

And then stretch out long with your arms in front of you and melt into the mat is very important. When you finish doing a back extension, round your back and sit on your heels with your powerhouse lifted off of your thighs. Good for a nice stretch to reverse that rocking and we're all done. And that is the rocking.


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