Exercise #1674

Side Kick Kneeling

2 min - Exercise


also known as Kneeling Side Kick

Muscle Focus: Abdominals and glutes.

Objective: Strengthen the torso and glutes. Improve balance and coordination.

Start Position: Kneel onto your right knee and place the right hand on the Mat underneath your right shoulder. Ensure that your left knee is in line with your left foot, and your right hip is placed directly over your right knee. Place your left hand behind your head.

Movement: Kick your left leg forward and back while keeping the torso stable. After a number of repetitions, place the left knee onto the Mat and repeat on the other side.

Precautions: Keep the torso and pelvis stable as the leg moves. Actively lift the side body away from the Mat while drawing the abdominals in and up. Those with knee problems should avoid this exercise.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Apr 10, 2014
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So let's go ahead and begin. We're going to be kneeling on your right knee with your body facing forward. Good. All right, and clearly it's kneeling sidekick. So if your knee does not enjoy having pressure on it, this is not the exercise for you. So we're going to have your hand right underneath your shoulder and you're making a nice frame. Very important.

The knee and foot are straight in alignment. And here's the hardest part. You're going to want to have the hip right over the knee, so you have to really engage that hamstring glute and have a, again, flexible hip flexor. Let's put the left hand behind your head and that adds extra lengths. So you're going to be pushing your head into your hand and lengthening your spine from your powerhouse. Finally, let's lift the leg up to hip height, but when you lift it, you want to feel as if someone is Ooh, rolling in the opposite direction, pulling your belly in and up.

Let's get that hip, the right hip over that knee a little bit more. Beautiful. Great. Now, let's do five, kicking it forward and taking it back. Nice, soft foot and forward and back, and sweep it forward. Keep that hip forward over that knee and forward and back. And two more forward, hip forward and leg. Straight out to the side.

Neil on both knees nice and tall and go ahead and sit down and you are all done with kneeling. Sidekicks.


Video continues to stop in the middle of play and will not restart.
Patricia ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the video stopping. I have sent you an email with a few options that may help.
Yeong Cheol C
good explain.

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