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Hip Twist w/ Straight Arms

2 min - Exercise
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Muscle Focus: Abdominals, obliques, and back extensors.

Objective: Stabilization of torso as legs and hips move, strengthen abdominals.

Start Position: Sit tall with your legs straight in front of you and together. Place your hands behind you on the Mat, fingers pointing away form the body. Inhale to float both legs off the Mat to Teaser position.

Movement: Exhale circle both legs towards the right, down, around, and back to start position. Reverse the circle in the other direction, circling both legs to the left, down, around, and back to start position. If you can maintain a stable torso as the legs circle, challenge yourself by lifting the opposite hip off the Mat as the legs circle.

Precautions: As this is an advanced exercise, ensure that you can perform the Corkscrew first. Focus on maintaining a stable torso as the legs and hips move. With shoulder tightness, bend the elbows and place the forearms on the Mat during setup rather than placing the hands on the Mat.
What You'll Need: Mat

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May 24, 2014
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The next exercise is called hip twist with straight arms. It's a combination evolution, both teaser and corkscrew. It's an advanced exercise, so demands a lot of control and creative management of the body. So Christie, if you would sit up nice and tall, connect the back and the front muscles to the powerhouse is a stable center. You'll move from reach back with the arms. Taking the hands back, checking that the collarbones are wide, but keeping a slight tuck into the tail and on an inhalation. Float your legs up. So it's like a teaser in a sense.

But the way does on the arms now just to test, draw a circle with the legs going. Exhale down and inhale up. And then exhale down. And inhale up. Now we add the hip twist. Exhale down, going to the right down. Inhale up, and then reverse it. Exhale down. Inhale up, constantly lifting. One more time, exhale down. Inhale up and last one. Exhale down. Inhale up now. Big Lift of the chest.

Get those legs up. I'm gonna let go. See if you can hold it and float those legs down to the mat. Now this is quite hard to do. We're not, everybody can do it with their arms straight. So modification is to bend the elbow. So Christie, take your weight onto the elbows, scoop the navel and float the legs up to the ceiling on an inhalation. Now on an exhalation, you take the float, the legs down around.

Inhale up and reverse. Exhale and up, and exhale. Inhale and up. And last one, exhale. Inhale and up. Deepen the powerhouse. Broaden the chest and float the legs down and come up to a sitting position. So very creative, very challenging. A lot of work into the stomach. A lot of sophisticated alignment. The pelvis has to be scooped.

Tonifies it gives tone to the legs, to the buttocks, challenges the mind. This exercises called hip twist with straight arms.


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