Exercise #1804

Single Straight Leg Stretch

1 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals.

Objective: Strengthen abdominals and stabilize torso.

Start Position: Lie flat on your back, curl the head and shoulders off the Mat, and bring both knees into the chest. Extend both legs straight to the ceiling, place both hands onto the right ankle, and lower the left leg to 45 degrees.

Movement: Pulse the right leg towards the chest two times and scissor switch the legs, placing both hands on the left ankle and lowering the right leg to 45 degrees. Repeat.

Precautions: Ensure that the lower back does not arch and remains pressing towards the Mat. Torso should remain stable throughout. For stronger bodies, the lower leg can lower all the way to the Mat.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jul 19, 2014
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Now we're going to take a look at the single straight leg stretch. So Christy will lift her head and chest up off the mat. She'll lift one of her legs and hold on about the ankle. This exercise is a c...


could you please do this to all the exercises, would be great...thanxs
Judith ~ Thank you for your comment. We are still adding more to our exercise library, but we hope you enjoy the ones we have on the site. You can find all of the exercises here.
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Gia , gorgeous thank you so much
Hi , Thank you so much for this wonderful program. I seem to be having a problem with the Single Straight Leg Stretch. I have watched it about 3 times but it will not show that I have viewed it. Can you help? Thank you.

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