Cadillac Stretches<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1040

Cadillac Stretches
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1040

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Thank you for going over the kneeling knee stretches. Especially to the side! I have done forward/ back and side to side, but had never seen the circling of the hips. Brilliant!

Also, thank you so much for talking bait about slipping out of the fizzles. A few years ago I slipped out of the fizzles while doing the twist off the side and haven't gotten up the nerve to do it since. Your explanation made a lot of sense. I now have access to a Gratz cadillac and am inspired to try it again because I know the dimensions are much tighter. Thank you!
Love love love the stretching
Loved it!
lovely feel-good class, Neidra! but I also struggle with the fuzzy hanging. It's nearly impossible to get the feet in by yourself.
Raymond Harris
Thank you Niedra yet again... I love watching your teachings as you are a very personable and down to earth instructor and thank you to Pilates Anytime!
Love your work
Niedra Gabriel
Holly, I know the fuzzy's can be challenging - some cadillacs aremore narrow and easier to get youru feet hooked on your own.
If you can hike up your hips easily you should be able to slip your feet in, if you cannot lift your hips up on your own - you will need help.
Sarah Honer
Thank you for the hip love and for taking the time to share with us. I'm enjoying this class and after watching you was able to get my own feet in the fuzzies and hang, without assistance, for the first time in 13 years!!
Niedra Gabriel
I love reading your post Sarah, how great to do something you have not done for 13 years! This actually supports my philosophy that age has nothing to do with anything, it is all about focusing on what is not working and solving the challenge.
You go hang out in those fuzzy's and enjoy being up side down.
I love your Cadillac workouts. I always feel invigorated afterward. I hope you will add more. :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thanks Gail, I will take you up on more cadillac.

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