Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1135

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I absolutely love nagi's teaching. She has a very calm way of instructing and a very comprehensive flow to her excercises. Thoracic tightness is so common and very important to address!
Sharon, thank you so much!
I had a tight thoracic so I like to focus on it.
Hope you watch my other videos too:)
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Again, deeply inspired by your teaching. It's seamless. Perfect program to fall in love with pilates!
Nankyoung, thank you again! I love how you used the word "seamless".
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Nagi I am watching this class again as I love it, particularly enjoyed the upper back work with bottom on heels and forearms to floor, works the thoracic spine beautifully. I have a few clients who find it difficult to sit back on their heels, any ideas on how to adapt this for them???
So sorry for the late reply. If its difficult to sit back on their heels, putting a blown up overball under their bottom will help most probably help them.
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Lovely as always, Nagi! All your classes are among my favorites with their flowiness, balance and creativity. I love how you always pick the less obvious route to each exercise, and your prep for the back extension was awesome too! I hope we'll be able to welcome you back to PA soon!
Julia R Thank you for watching my video again!  This was my second time I taught for PA (which was quite some time ago) so I had to watch what I did for the prep to back extension lol
It's interesting how you said I take the less obvious route, I never thought that!
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Haven't done this class in a while. Very stiff and sore back, loved this as it felt so immobile to begin with, feels so much better. I loved your variations in supine, prone and side lying . More matwork please😀
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