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Beautiful interview.
This was a magical day in New York for me. Great interview Cara Reeser (Cara asked all the questions). Thank you Sarita!
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Wow. That blew me. This passion is just great. If you hear from Kathy's way of teaching, I always feel like a beginner. Such a long way.
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Lovely! Thank you for sharing your story, Sarita Allen, and some of Kathy Grant's legacy !
Me too Reiner!
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Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Sarita for sharing Kathy with all of us.
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wow.....amazing insight into a special person....thanks for this gift!
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What Sarita said… Integrity. What Kathy had, and this is what I am finding since coming to PA ~ in the instructors and the breadth of knowledge. But more than that, it is the Integrity they bring from the passion they found.
You're gonna make me cry Yugonda! What you say has been my own experience growing up in the Pilates world. I personally never know enough, but I am drawn to those that exude integrity and committment with their own experience. Those are the ones we invite to PA. We hope Sarita can join us in the studio this year too.
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Thanks Sarita! You are right. Kathy Grant NEVER phoned it in. I loved hearing about the Bendel's days.
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