Mindful Mat Flow
Christi Idavoy
Class 1846

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Once again an amazing class Christi!
I absolutely loved this class and felt the benefit immediately. I'm going to try some of these movements with my classes
Incredible. Loved this so much. Empowering and effective helping me to find ease of movement especially around head neck shoulders as I have a tendency to grind a little. I often need to work less and this experience highlights how important it is to reconnect and find space in our bodies and minds. Feeling inspired. Thank-you.
Loved it , and I noticed how difficult it is to keep breathing well and regularly. I learned it with yoga but still need to practice ...Thx 🙏
Really beautiful class. Thank you so much for this lovely re-entry into my Pilates work. I've been away too long, and this reminds me of what is so wonderful about Pilates.
Some amazing imagery and cueing in this class x Fantastic instruction loved it 
Debra Thank you so much.  
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Beautiful class and I believe this class is beneficial to anyone, in any level and by getting more and more aware of the patterns one can find improvement. One of the best classes I did so far here online, thank you for your sharing your knowledge, accurate guidance and talent as a teacher 🙏🤍
Absolutely beautiful class! Thank you so much Christi! I feel so calm and connected after your session. So grateful for you! 💖
This is a fantastic class. Thank you Christi! This will be my go to when I need to reset.
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