Ladder Barrel Workout
Jillian Hessel
Class 2180

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Yesterday, I did this workout myself and it felt really good. Today I taught my client this and she LOVED it so much! She left with a huge smile on her face! Thank you so much, Jillian!!
Luv the barre leg work and the stretching, tks Jillian
Loved the back extension workout! Feels amazing! Thank you!
That's just spectacular. Thank you, Jillian, for sharing yours and Miss Kathy's wisdom with us. (I think yours was the first book on Pilates I ever read!) I also appreciate the physique-sensitive positioning -- us long-legged people have to make adjustments (things may look great but it takes a few extra steps to get there)!
Thank you love the Kathy version of Swan and flower opening.
Hi Jillian!
I truly feel so much more open and standing taller after this workout. It was my very first time doing a full ladder barrel session, but it is one that I will revisit again and again.
You are an amazing and caring teacher. Your cues are so helpful and your thoughtful reminders and demonstrations for the breathwork made the work feel even more incredible.
Thank you Jillian for starting this Monday morning off in the right direction! Loved it!
Really great. Clear and a lovely manner Jillian!
I love this! Thank you for the clear explanation of what you're doing, Jillian. I am so happy to have a new routine to try on my ladder barrel. You make this look easy, and I know it's not!
First time working on our new ladder barrel and loved this!
Thank you! Just bought a ladder barrel from Balanced Body and did your class. I feel open, worked and inspired!!
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