Mat Workout
Phillip Beach
Class 2217

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Amazing class, amazing information. Love that PA brought this to us. Thank you a million times!
What a fabulous way to begin my day, feeling fluid...thank you, Phillip!
I have done the workshop and this class so many times because I absolutely love it ! I wish to see more of Mr Philip Beach on P.A and yes Mr Juan Nieto too . Once again thank you so much !
I really like this class. I first heard of Philip when studying with Katy Bowman few years ago. As well as through videos he's done with Wendy LeBlanc Arbucle. I like this whole concept of primal moves not only in class but as well in everyday living. He, himself has stated that he rarely sits in chairs and that he spends great time on the floor. This should ring bells in some fit peeps who workout on regular basis but don't have mobility and strength to move through these. Thanks for bringing interesting people onto PA. I must check his workshop.
Thank you Phillip. Nice to review these again and Refresh how to add them into to my teaching.
This is so "Pilates orientated don't you think". You can only imagine Joseph Pilates doing these sort of exercises.
Can you get Mr Philip Beach back to record more of this work. It is quite special and we don't need apparatus!
The ever hopeful!
Super class,I will try to incorporate a section of this in all my classes
Some of the simplest moves which we could do as youngsters but have now lost the ability to perform have been resurrected. I was totally blown away and will definitely be incorporating them into my mat classes. Brilliant.
Amazing class! When I started class I couldn't squat anywhere close to my feet, by the end I was sitting on them. Working through plantar fasciitis and will have to start doing some of this work every day. Thank you so much!
Love this! It's a good reminder to keep basic fundamental movements in our repertoire.
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