Quick and Stimulating Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 771

Quick and Stimulating Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 771

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Brief but intense. Good work out overall very fast pace!
Niedra! This was GREAT - I have done it several times. I just noted though that it is only 23 mins!! Which is sooo great.... just b/c time is of the essence. Loved it. Are you Swiss? You sound Swiss :D Signed, Hungarian Beatrix.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Beatrice, you made me smile. I know time is a challenge for all of us, so I am delighted that this workout works for you! No I ma not swiss, I am from Israel, but lived all over the world - many years in the UK, now USA and traveling extensively. Thank you Hungarian Beatrice (
Rachel S
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I love this teacher!
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Good fast class, but I'd like to see more plank work. Thanks:) 
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Gary , You must be a strong guy, as you want the planks, even push ups.  - I understand!   Just add them in after a mat class if you don't have that aspect included in an on line workout.
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This was excellent, and great to know this is available when you need a quick one!
Cheryl Z
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Fast paced love the after glow 
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