Hydrating Foam Roller<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 811

Hydrating Foam Roller
Amy Havens
Class 811

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Chanda Hinman
Magic. Even my TMJ feels better!
Thank you Chanda! :)
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Hi Amy! Since Covid, all classes and communication have been on this laptop... my T-spine is killing me! I was able to purchase a 24 inch FR at Walmart, couldn't find the 36 inch one let alone a pro-roller!! Anyhow, this felt great... gave me some relief. So bizarre to have an achy back, even though I'm doing my practice daily.... simply too many hours in front of the laptop.  Cheers! Beatrix
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Hi Beatrix Nagy !!  Yes, hours at the computer, out of our normal routine, breathing differently and undergoing stress... all will leave our backs feeling icky for sure.  So happy you were able to get yourself a FR!!
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