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Lisa Hubbard
Class 253

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Graham thank you for your response, I appreciate it very much, and I understand that some days aren’t the best days. Hope you have an amazing beautiful week ahead!
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Lisa Hubbard thank you for your kind message. I tried your rhythm Pilates class and really enjoying practising Pilates to music. I struggled to finish it, very challenging. I really enjoyed practicing the exercises to music. I am grateful for your response else I would never have tried it if it wasn't for your reply to my negative comment. btw I changed my name from 'Test' to my real name Graham. I plan on practicing more Rhythm Pilates classes. All the best and thank you so much Lisa, you're an inspiration. Graham X.
Thank you Graham for your kind reply. I agree that some of the material to music is challenging and may suggest a different RP class and or trying out the Unwinding Mat class #3468 ✌️
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Loved this!! Definitely one of my favorite classes! I liked that it moved through the whole class. No stopping or too much talking. It was perfect! Thank you! I will be doing this class often!
I so appreciate your feedback April 🙏 thank you for joining me for class and for trying something new! Hope you’ll check some of the others as well. 😊
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Simply amazing
Sara so appreciated thank you for commenting. Happy you enjoyed the class!
I loved this class! So challenging but fun! I haven’t seen 23 pages of comments before, so many others must agree 😄 Thank you Lisa!
Kathryn thank you for sharing your experience! so happy you enjoyed it and open to trying something different🙏🏻
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Loved this class so much, I am about to take it again. Soooo much fun and very creative. Thank you, Lisa for bridging Pilates with this well executed rhythmic joy of movement.
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