Mini Spine Corrector<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 912

Mini Spine Corrector
Niedra Gabriel
Class 912

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Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Patti, you are so right, I do love this work as I am sure you do too.
Wow, powerful stuff in 10 mins. You have been so helpful to me these past few weeks with your foam roller fascia class for shoulders and this too is incredible! In 10 mins of simple movement, you have made a big difference in my shoulders, which are a big issue for me (rheumatoid arthritis.). I wish there was a "love" button! Thanks so much, this is going into my "go to" playlist for every day! I hope you all know at Pilates Anytime, how wonderful and life changing you are!
Niedra Gabriel
Lori, I am thrilled to read how much this video has helped you . Always so gratifying to know that on line classes can make such a difference. Thank you for posting.
That was a little slice of heaven! Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Lannette, enjoy enjoy
Thank you Neidra!
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