Postnatal Reconnect to Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 971

Postnatal Reconnect to Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 971

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Eva T
Hi Monika, I'm going to teach my first post natal class tomorrow and so it was nice to be able to try out your class and reconnect with my own body,feel the moves. Thank you for a great class!
This felt like more of a classical beginners class than a postnatal class.
Isadora Thank you for your feedback. The class is meant to reconnect with the basic Pilates concepts and how they relate to the new mother. Monica does a great job offering an introduction or reminder to the traditional Pilates exercises that will increase your postnatal strength quickly.
Hannah W
Can you do this class at 6 weeks after a c section? 
Monica Wilson
Hi Hannah, I really benefited from this class after having my 3rd child but I did not have a c section and still approached it gingerly. I believe your doctor would be the best to advise you on when it would be safe to start intense abdominal work. Once he/she gives you clearance, this will be an excellent class to start laying a solid foundation! Best of luck! Monica 
Sarah S
Hi Monica, 

Loving your classes, you're an awesome teacher! I started your beginner's pilates series and was still struggling to even do the roll-ups, so switched to this series although my second child is already 2. A quick background on me, I am strong and always been in great shape, but after two extremely long delivery times and pelvic floor issues and back to back kids (18 months apart) and constantly carrying them and lifting them as a full-time stay at home mom (even more so because of Covid),  I have lost a lot of connection and mobility to my powerhouse and spine, even with some pelvic floor work and yoga.  So, I would am looking for a series that I can continue to work on my developing powerhouse strength and spine flexibility. 
Monica Wilson
Hi Sarah, I wanted to check in and see how this series worked for you in combination with the Beginner series? You mentioned hoping to connect with your powerhouse and increase the mobility of your spine. One thing I find that helps a ton is to get my spine in the right alignment and get my mind really connected to my body and my powerhouse by doing a good stretch series before I go for the mat work. If this sounds like something that could help you too try class #3333. Let me know if I can help answer any other questions! Monica :)
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