Mat for Back Pain<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 983

Mat for Back Pain
Brent Anderson
Class 983

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Laura Maria
fantastic class!
Loved this, thank you so much! Really enjoyed the cues, and I will have to keep trying to sing a bit louder :D
Jamie W
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class magic! my spine (& hips too) feel spacious & aligned. thank you!
Amazing class x
Spine movements felt amazing. Your cues were really well paced and clear. Thanks 😊
Jenny I
One of my all time faves! Love this class!
Hi from Japan:) It was really good class come for today !! I felt that i’m not doing exercise but i’m moving my bones ! I could heard my body well! thank you Blent⭐︎
I love this class!  I come back to it over and over!!  Thank you!
Miroslav M
Love this class!  Thanke you!👏
Mona H
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Found this gem today. Feeling great. Love exploring Pilates Anytime!
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