Remembering Ron<br>Ron Fletcher<br>Documentary 1029

Remembering Ron
Ron Fletcher
Documentary 1029

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Loved it! Thank you once again!
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I loved how Ron was still in wonderment of the body.
something also hit me while watching and listening to the narration and Ron in his own words: Ron showed his Gratitude to Joseph & Clara Pilates by teaching and expanding. I've always heard that gratitude was an action word and Ron is my proof.
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Wonderful footage. I did not know much about him. After watching this video, I would like to know more about him and his work. Really really nice video.
Stay tuned Candace. We have workouts taught by Ron coming soon!
Amazing collection of film clips and photographs. What a beautiful tribute! I feel that some of those glimpses into his life are just such rare and juicy little tidbits! It brought him to life for me!
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