Creative Theraband Flow<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 967

Creative Theraband Flow
Niedra Gabriel
Class 967

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This is a great are you keeping your toes in the band (at some points your toes (not your balls of feet) were in the band)? I tried to do it exactly like that and that's when my band ripped/snapped in half. Now i'm doing all the band exercises with my 2 separate halves. Hmmm..
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Pilates Tot, what I do is first point my foot and then pull my toes back towards my knee so the ball and toes create a shelf that I put the band around. so both ball and toes are in the band, and be sure to have the band stretched flat over the foot, not crumpled up. I use a long thera band so I am not stretching it too tight which could cause it to rip. I like your enthusiasm, but suggest you get a new band - it really makes a difference when the band is flat on the ball. Hope this clarifies what needs to happen.
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Another great tutorial. Do you have a full length version of this class? It was very helpful for me and my neck and I truly appreciate the emphasis you put on foot movement. Never realized how important it was until I lost it. I do these exercises every day.
Thanks Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Lori for your comment and appreciation of what is there in the feet. As an ex dancer I love feet and foot details.
No current full length class with this theme, but maybe in the future.
Thank you Lori
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Probably better as a tutorial than as a workout. Good exercises but hard to follow without watching.
Rhiannon W
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Nice & quick, found some new ways to use a theraband! Thank you :)
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Love this quick theraband mat workout, thanks Niedra!
Julie Lloyd
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I have just discovered this class, and it is great!! More band from Diedra Please xo

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