Fundamentals and Technique<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1119

Fundamentals and Technique
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1119

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Niedra Gabriel
Hi Katie, Glad you enjoy the class. The middle back is complex and there can be many reasons for the stiffness. one thing you can try is lying on the floor, knees bent, with a pillow under your head and shoulders, check if your back floating ribs are touching the floor? you want them to. Lift up on your elbows and pull your floating ribs aware from your pelvice and stretch the lumbar spine, then uphold your upper ribs and neck with the help of your hands back down to the floor - do this a few times, to traction your back. The try to roll up, with your hands helping and see if you have slightly more mobility. it will take time, but keep working on it. Good progress to you!
Wow! thanks so much Niedra for the advice. I would never have thought it was a lower back issue - just a a weakness in my abs. I will keep trying the technique you have detailed for me. Many thanks for your kind online support
Cynthia G
I liked this class very much. The instruction was excellent.excellent. I am at the 1/2 level. Sometimes I wish these classes were a bit more challenging. At the 2 level about 1/2 is too difficult for me. This class had enough challenge and enough that I could do. I feel like I learned a lot from this instructor.
Niedra Gabriel
Excellent Cynthia, I am happy to hear you enjoyed this class - that is suited you. Do keep working, you will find your way. The body has an interesting way of morphing into more ability when it is pushed and I get your desire for this. Sometimes when you struggle with a class, try repeating it a few more times, sometimes it is surprising how much improvement comes from familiarly.
The kast five minutes of the class, the audio was about 30 secs out of sync....
Trudie ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with the last few minutes of this class. I just watched it and it was in sync for me. I recommend trying a lower video quality as the internet connection can sometimes causing the video to go out of sync. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
Thank you Niedra! Another fantastic class!! I will continue to work on my lower back that loves to arch and be stiff as a board! Great cues and opening sequence was great as well. For a really stiff arched lower back and Pilates 3x a week what is a realistic time frame for being able to roll up and down legs straight and not have feet go off the floor? Just get a little discouraged that it is so flat at best!
Niedra Gabriel
Dear Laurel, thank you for your comment. Good question - it is probably more than just " your arched back" that is making you feel this way - you probably also have tight hip flexors, so all the exercises on your stomach are also good for you, IF you really focus on elongating in the front of the hips. Can you do a pelvic tilt? if yes, make sure that is also part of the front contraction you need to use to roll up. I suspect you probably will need time working with bent knees and holding on to your knees to stretch out the spasms in the back and allow the spine to elongate.
A little difficult to help more than this without knowing what you look like - start with this, and feel free to post again and I will do my best to point you towards a flexing spine ( Ha Ha - that was supposed to be a joke ) . No matter what, do not get discouraged, having a positive attitude to the challenges of life allows for more joy and THAT is healing.
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Thank you Neidra!! Definitely tight hip flexors which I will keep working on. I can do the pelvic tilt so will use your tips, as well as trying to remember to meet my body where it is to get it to where I want it to be!
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