Judith Covan on Carola<br>Judith Covan<br>Discussion 1262

Judith Covan on Carola
Judith Covan
Discussion 1262

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I am angry at myself for only now taking the time to watch these interviews! I love her story, it made me cry! I also had no idea Clara was not a nurse! I cracked up with that new information!
Don't be angry at yourself Carla! I felt similarly at times when we were recording these interviews. This interview in particular is one of my favorites because Judith is so revealing and easy with her important information. Instead of being upset that I didn't already know, I just try to share the info. Thank you for watching it. For the record, I cried in almost every single interview as it happened and so did most of the interviewees!
My first Pilates teacher trained in New York with Joseph Pilates after an injury that took her out of a ballet career We always called her Anoushka and didn't find out for years where her exercises came from No one in Australia had ever heard of Pilates so it meant nothing to me but I loved what she did and was in awe of her body understanding Now she lives in France so I am very happy to be able to keep my Pilates practice going.
She would be very sceptical of the efficacy of working online like this! I feel a good basis in live Pilates is necessary to use your site effectively She also felt more than three in a class was too many.
I found this interview really interesting and it's nice to know the history is not being ignored
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