Prenatal Upper Body Strength
Leah Stewart
Class 1240

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Thank you so much for your passion in doing pre and post natal work. I feel safe doing these movements with you and feel that I am doing something good for my body and my little one. I’m fighting nausea like crazy but this short workout was just what I needed to feel accomplished and good!
Loved this class, I'm 30 weeks and having Pelvic Girdle pain. This was a great session to get moving through the body. The shoulder section wow! Didn't think my arms could feel so heavy with no weights, a real burner. 
Leah Stewart  7 years on, this video is still fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed it at 21 weeks and agree with Katie above - that shoulder work without weights was a killer! I'm looking forward to incorporating these themes into work with my pregnancy classes too. Thank you!
need to keep it in mind for my 3RD trimester 
This is brilliant x
for the arm work, would it be safe for me to add hand weights? 
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