Gentle Postnatal Abdominals
Leah Stewart
Class 1372

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Leah enjoying this second time around ....looking forward to your next post natal series!
Hi Leah, You mentioned in this video that you would be doing a four month postpartum class. I'm wondering where to find it and if you have any postpartum classes planned for your third series. I'm loving your prenatal and postnatal series. I'm 47 years old, 15 weeks postpartum via c-section with my second child and your classes have been wonderful for me. Getting pregnant in my late 40s was quite the surprise and miracle. I discovered Pilates after having my first child at 41 and it was such a life saver for me. We live in an area where there isn't any prenatal/postnatal Pilates classes available and your classes have been terrific. Thank you for your beautiful and empowering series. Sam
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Samaris - Congratulations on the birth of your second child. I'm so happy that you have enjoyed the classes and that Pilates is so wonderful for you. You should be able to find all of my classes under my name in the teacher search tab. As for a third postpartum series, we haven't planned for it, but if you let PA know per a request, I may be able to get back into the studio and film some new postpartum classes.
I've been looking for that post natal mat class you mentioned, and I don't see it. Which number is it?
Yes, I am also looking for that 4month pp video, mentioned in the end and can't find it. Your personality suits me so well, I would love to see and be able to do with you more. Especially in these times, when I cannot attend my regular Pilates classes in person (Covid issues). Thanks. 
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