Postnatal Reformer Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 1394

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Great class! I took it to prepare for a client who is coming back to privates this week. Even though I am an instructor and have never been pregnant, I could feel the "connections" and also just the right amount of challenge. I love your talk about "guiding" the body back, so important.
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This is a fantastic class. I have just had my second set of twins so my abdominals are quite destroyed! I found this class very challenging first time but will continue to do it a few times a week to increase my abdominal strength. Please keep the post natal classes coming. They make us feel so lovely. Thank you.
Great class! First time I've really been able to feel super strong TVA engagement after my c-section! Appreciate the abbreviated nature, too!
I'm thankful the folks at PA pointed me to this class. I had a miscarriage and then had to have pelvic surgery two months later. I'm one month post-surgery and I need something to help me get back to my Pilates practice. This was the perfect workout to help me restart with my reformer work. Thank you for developing something gentle.
We all hope you're continuing to recover and doing well with your Pilates practice Stacey. Thank you for sharing.

I am very happy to hear this class has been helpful on your recovery journey. Wishing you all the best.
I really enjoyed this class! I’m 7wks post CSection no 2 and not only was the repertoire spot on it was lovely to escape from our toddler & sneak into the studio with my newborn! As a physiotherapist I will be sharing some of the ideas with my colleague who specialises in Women’s Health - thank you
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