Resilience & Suppleness Mat
Jennifer Golden
Class 1401

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Great class Jennifer GZ. Great system and very intelligent, clear integration of the anatomy. I wish I could practice and study with you in person. Spirited and fun. Thank you!!
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another wonderful class! I loved the warm up - it was such a great prep for all the exercises that came after. And although the exercises were classical, your way of queuing and presenting them makes them so accessible to newer students and yet challenging for the advanced students. It's so rare to find a class you could give to any level without actually changing the exercise! Great energy and great teaching again...would love to take class with you in person...any chance you could get yourself invited to POT in London :) ??
Thank you so much, Sandyjgrant! You inspired me to bring that concept into upcoming workshops.
As for POT London, how about if we both put our intentions out there and maybe someday the powers-that-be will make it a reality! Or perhaps I'll find myself on your side of the pond through other means ;)
So awesome
Super class with great energy thanks. Loved the warm up variations and great cueing also. Leg circles with prompt to push heel into mat was great, as was reverse plant series. Also watching from the other side of the pond;)) Thanks Jennifer, Sarahx
Loved this class. Really intentional movement.
Thank you x
Thank you x
Fabulous class, quite different. Was a little unsure what I was supposed to be doing in side lying .... that prep for the hip with top knee open????
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