Swan Prep
Shelly Power
Exercise 1325

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I really enjoy the tutorials taking one exercise at a time in detail ... this was a great one!
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I agree with janet. One or maybe even two exercises in detail. I did not realize that we should come up so high for the swan or is this just a prep?
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Thankyou.This really helped me.
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I hesitate to do Swan with my classes because it is usually a total mess! I think I can safely add it back because of this wonderful cueing! Thank you, Shelly!
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thank you for the wonderful tutorial Shelly!
it would be great if we could also see a tutorial on single leg circles, i often find this a hard exercise for clients to perform correctly.
Laura ~ this video on Leg Circles may help. We hope to soon bring to Pilates Anytime more videos breaking down the exercises and their modifications.
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This is great, Shelly! I'm going to try it out w/ a class today. The rib cueing seems very effective.
Very helpful. Thank you
What a great reference with the line of sight plus the shoulder to wrist placement. I really enjoyed that the last ribcage cue too. Great job. Tyvm!
Loved this mini tutorial on the swan . Wrist alignment and arm tip very useful .
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