Mat Music Flow<br>Michael King<br>Class 1354

Mat Music Flow
Michael King
Class 1354

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Rina S
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This was so beautiful. I found it an intense workout, but it left me with a feeling of tranquility and joy.
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Dearest Michael, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your outstanding instruction. I loved this class for numerous reasons. It simply ticks all the boxes. Bless you from South Africa. You have your biggest fan in me.
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The best teacher in the world! :)
preciosa la clase!!!
Liya O
Hi Michael King . I have a question, when you do the Lifting up of the upper back (~14 minutes) why do you ask to imprint the lower back?
Dear Liya, Thank you for your message and the way I teach, in group mat class and in the prone position is that with the head down you maintain a neutral spine and pelvis. But to encourage the natural elongation of the full spine with the head lifted you imprint the lumbar spine. But as Eve Gentry always taught imprint is a soft liquid spine not a hard push into the mat which would over-recruit the superficial muscles. With today's over flexed postures in a group class maintaining a neutral would increase stress in the cervical area. Hope this helps Michael
Liya O
Dear Michael King , thank you for your quick and professional answer.
So in this part of the video our target is the spine elongation.
And now I have another question, the spine mobility, for example “Chest Lift”, we perform with the neutral spine, right?
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Dear Liya, I am not sure what chest lift is? but if the head comes off the mat we imprint and never lift the head keeping neutral. If there is a place on the video where I do this could you let me have the time code. Michael
That was one of Michael's easier and slower classes, but it was also very good. I am now a big fan of his, so I am trying to take every class he's posted at PA (that have the props for). Thanks Again Michael:) 
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