Magic Circle Powerhouse<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1392

Magic Circle Powerhouse
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1392

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What a wonderful teacher. Have seen other prone work with the circle that some clients find difficult,but this was quite different and extremely effective, loved the idea of warming the spine in preparation for next excercise. I really hope you will come to ireland to teach???
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Sharon for your lovely post. I am so glad you enjoyed this class. I do visit the Europe and UK every year ( september 2016) for retreats and workshops and would love to also come to Ireland. I would need to coordinate with someone local possibility, it is always a creative endeavor I enjoy working towards. If you would like to explore this please email me directly at
Good morning Niedra,
Once again a great workout. The "magic" circle certainly adds a challenging dimension. Thx again for sharing. Wendy
Niedra Gabriel
wendy - I love that you are a regular, I feel like we get to meet every morning. You are such an enthusiastic student, I would love to know more about you - are you a teacher? student teacher? athlete? aging Mom getting back into shape? please do contact me personally as we are so enjoying this forum relationship I feel there is something more ...
Yet another winner from Niedra Gabriel. This class provides a great stretch for the legs but also a really good core workout. Nice side work etc. Overall great use of the magic circle.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Ashley, so glad you enjoyed the workout.
Christine T
I love your classes, thank you Niedra.
Angela T
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