Stimulating Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1614

Stimulating Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1614

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Liliana W
Hi Niedra,
Thank you for the great workout, variations , cuing. I have a question regarding the placement of the ring between the legs and the feet while doing Elephant. Could you please elaborate ? When I place the ring between thighs, my feet don't stay at the shoulder rest, feet go wide. Is that ok? I'm placing the ring above the knee joint, it is going on the thigh.
Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Good question Lilliana, the option of using the magic circle can be used many ways - and it depends on the strength of the circle, the stregth of your adductors, and your body size. With all that in mind, if your feet are slightly wider than the shoulder rest, you are working the inner legs, keeping the arches lifting and feeling the work - I would say you were doing great!
Another option would be to place the circle between the ankles and make sure you are pressing the circle slightly, and yet, keeping your arches lifted - that will give you a different work focus, and you could probably keep the feet in line with the shoulder rests.
Hope this helps?
Absolutely love your philosophy and sequencing in this video. Thank you, Niedra. Beyond inspiring!
Niedra Gabriel
Thanks Lindsay, for your post - Being an athlete yourself with the back ground you have, It is great to know you enjoyed this workout.
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Interesting video! I really enjoyed the bridge/backbend with arm loops variations! I also liked the hip flexor stretch and speed variations with the footwork.
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That back bend was wayyy out of my league - should I start on less springs? Some cool ideas here hard to keep up! 
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I loved the magic circle work to start I think it’s very helpful for issues with the shin and ankle alignment! 
Niedra Gabriel
thank you for your posts Elizabeth.  The back ed part is advanced, so to be honest, the back and hips and arm pits have to be ready for the work - with enough flexibility and control of movement to be ready for this challenge. Less springs would only make the platform unstable .  In training a student towards this, I would work them with many variations the the swan and swan dive on the cadillac and bridges for the has and legs. Then I would progress them to the reformer.   most students I have worked with needed some hands on help to get up first time.
Ann V
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This was great fun! Thank you 
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