Diastasis Recti Information<br>Leah Stewart<br>Tutorial 1463

Diastasis Recti Information
Leah Stewart
Tutorial 1463

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[Victoria - At this time, and to my knowledge, there are not any additional classes regarding the specific correction of DR. There are however wonderful postnatal classes on the PA site that will provide some guidance within the cueing during the exercises. My postnatal classes on the site are very DR friendly and safe. But, of course, any exercises can become "unsafe" if done incorrectly, even the ones that are created for DR. If you are seeking more information, please send a request to PA about this topic, and then they may perhaps consider having one of their many wonderful teachers come and teach more about it. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Hi Leah Stewart how are you. Quick question, a ginecologist is the professional that determines if more than 3 fingers need surgery?
Hi Leah . Thank you for the tutorial and for the above answers. I have one question for you too. I’m 43 years old and had twins 9 years ago . I have done every type of exercise and I’m now becoming a Pilates instructor. However, during one of my mentoring hours my mentor noticed that I have 1.5 fingers gap above my belly button. Can that gap be closed after 9 years and should I do the recommended exercises for DRA? Shouldn’t I perform the NO
NOs ? Thank you so much !!!
Sanja N
Hi Leah, do you have a video with exercises a pregnant woman with diastasis can do to mitigate the separation/prevent further separation?
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