Beginner Systems Group Class<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1613

Beginner Systems Group Class
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1613

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I've found another class where I can do everything! That has been my quest since signing up and it hasn't been easy. One class sent my back into spasms and I was stuck on my machine for quite a while til it relaxed. I have been doing only level 1 and 2 even though I have been doing reformer classes for 2 years. I have a very stiff back, deteriorated neck disks, but I will not give up. I may be 69, but I'm not ready to be old! Besides that I bought the darn machine so I'd better be using it. I really like being able to work out any time I want and enjoy having my own reformer.
Niedra Gabriel
Laurine, I love your dedication and commitment to your health and well being. Yes, it can be a challenge to find your exact level and way to work to support your now unique needs, sounds like you are on your way. I am so glad to know this class worked for you.
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It is so beneficial to watch someone teach a class with students.  Such a great example of what it is like to teach.  Helpful to see as an instructor.
Niedra Gabriel
Julie lovely to read your post. I am sure you are a teacher! so yes, teaching is its own craft...
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My goodness, you are the first instructor to get my legs up and over my shoulders! I don't know if the timing was just serendipitous in my training and development, or if the lead up did something magical. Thank you for that - off to find all your classes now to add to my queue. :)
Niedra Gabriel
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Frances K So delighted to read your post. Well done on your progress. I hope you enjoy more of my classes. 
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great class with real bodies and fantastic teacher.....more please!
Niedra Gabriel
Linda H thank you for ur post. Glad you enjoyed this group class . I will keep ur request for more in mind for next time we video .
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