Full-Body Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 79

Full-Body Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 79

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I am really enjoying this 30 pilates challenge. Thank you for putting this together Kristy
I'm thrilled to hear it Jessica! I really enjoyed putting it together too. I need to do another one ... or 50!
Here is the 30 day challenge for anyone else interested!

Creating the Habit
My second day of the Challenge, Thank you Kristi Cooper, loved the pace and the very effective exercises!
Glad you liked it Karen! Thank you!
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Thank you OY TALAB!
Being present in a shorter workout = Awesome! Thx and smiles from Colorado.
Perfect quick flow, and love the little variations. Thank you so much Kristi!
Thank you Chuck! Happy to here you liked it!
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