The Hundred<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Tutorial 1770

The Hundred
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 1770

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Thank you Benjamin that was really interesting and very helpful as a beginner to Pilates.
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" The work was—and should be—less about pure muscular benefit, and much more about overall movement ability and control, for its vital role in sustaining good physical health." Benjamin Degenhardt Thank you for speaking my heart.
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And for any listners wondering how they failed to "hear" this wasn't stated on the video :) it was written on his blog that is referenced in the class description.
Trish K
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Wow this was so informative. Thank you, this is great. I am a new Peak Pilates Level 1 cert. I did not know we start with lifting legs from floor, that is very challenging.
My questions: So you are suggesting that way instead of going from from bent knees to working level? Is my personal working level as low as my legs can go, or to the point where I cannot sustain my low back off mat? Where do my eyes go? Does it have to be looking at belly.. Thanks again
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you Trish!
Every training program has their own approach to the exercise, this tutorial is meant to shine light on the way Joe Pilates intended the exercise. It teaches the body how to "unweight" about half of our body against gravity from a supine position, using central body control. It's essentially a low Teaser, and very challenging indeed!

Of course, safety is always first. Your personal working level is with the legs as high as you need in order to organize your spine appropriately, to offset the weight of your lower body. Try just one leg, too.

Your gaze is a consequence of the overall mobility of your spine—if looking at the belly doesn't allow good alignment of the neck I'd suggest gazing towards toes. Hope this helps!
Patty Hafen
Thank you Benjamin for breaking The Hundred down for us. I like the clear explanation as to the purpose of the exercise and the return to the original version, just like Mr. Pilates intended. :)
Barbara B
Thank you. I learned SO much..
Where is the The Hundred Up Close blog?
Hi Adrienne, unfortunately, the blog is no longer available. We have removed the link from the description. 
I liked very much your approach of the hundred. It makes sense and is great to teach with one leg lifted instead of two. I noticed that my clients have a hard time with the breathing and that it is really important that they breathe in releasing the belly so that they allow the diaphragm to go down and that way the hundred becomes much easier.
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