Theraband Feedback
Tash Barnard
Class 1891

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This was so much fun and a great start to my Friday- thanks Tash!
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I am a big fan of Tash's Classes. One of the many things I like is that her exercises are often challenging & often involve balance. I appreciate the challenges & the way she teaches them. Thanks Again Tash:) 
Marissa C 
Thank you for sharing this message with me!
Your body will be thankful for days!  Keep moving! xxx
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Gary M 
Oh i love receiving your messages thank you Gary!
Well done for investing in your body and balancing so well!
: ) 
That was a challenge! I used a booty band and I think the resistance was too much for some of the movements so will try again with a knottedTheraband to see if that makes a difference….
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Can’t believe I haven’t seen this class until now. A challenging but full body workout. I love your ideas for the loop band thanks Tash
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