Inhabit Your Body <br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2021

Inhabit Your Body
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2021

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Thank you so much for this brilliant reminder of how to connect to our feelings within our body. So often we forget that positive thoughts before, during and after exercise will enhance our quality of movement. Brilliant tips too!
I was very happy to hear an eco of what I do with my clients! Stating the purpose for each class/client (s) is extremely useful to work on each individual's body. Thank you very much for this lovely video.
Love this! I just finished Franklin Method teacher training, myself. It's great to see how it can be applied to Pilates.
I loved these wonderful reminders!
Beautiful! Thank you.
Hey Tom, Cara Reeser here. Super nice! Love the awareness training and simple perspective. Glad you are sharing this work on PA. I hope I run into you again soon along the path.
Thank you Cara,
I respect and really appreciate your feedback.
Sending you good vibes from the Bay Area!
Loved the concept of using positive mental imagery. With a heavy focus on alignment, I know that sometimes I become hyper-focused on corrections and adjustments. How nice to balance that out by promoting a feeling of joy, strength, grace, etc. Thank you, Tom. :)
Thanks for this Tom. Really lovely tutorial. My business principles are Positive posture, Positive movement and Positive thinking, and having come to Pilates teaching myself partly through anxiety I think that positive affirmations for clients in the class are hugely important:) Thanks again.
So serene! Love the simple and true work.
What a lovely  tutorial - just watching it feels positive and affirming. 
 Thanks Tom
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