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Anna-sorry if my comment was not clear -- I am not a Pilates professional and the lawsuit was for Pilates professionals. Yes, I have, and continue to be a Pilates client.
Jennifer W
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Thank you Kristi! The is the gift that keeps on giving!!
James M
Thank you Kristi for another illuminating interview. Any plans for an interview with the judge or the head counsel for Mr. Gallagher?
Hi James! I would LOVE to interview Judge Cedarbaum or head counsel for Mr. Gallagher. Having said that, I don't have anything lined up. You wouldn't by chance have and "in" for me would ya! PS: your work is so great in Blossoms videos! Thank you!
James M
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Hi Kristi. Sorry that I don't have any way of facilitating a connection for you. I would be surprised if over time the key participants haven't reflected on the significance of the trial. My guess is that they also understand the importance of their making a contribution to the historical record. What does Mr. Troy suggest?
P.S. I thank Peter Fiasca for introducing me to Kathy Grant and still cant believe my luck to have studied with such a talented and caring teacher like Blossom...she is my heroine!
James, I'll leave your question to Mr Troy to answer specifically, but I can say that he and I have talked about wanting to go far deeper into this interview. Perhaps when we get closer to actually achieving that, we can draw upon the resources of others who were involved too. And, I don't know if you're lucky for who you've worked with, or if you simply recognize your own place in this short lived history we call the Pilates method. In any case, you have worked with some very gifted people!
Loved this interview and loved "spending time" with you again Gordon. :) whew. What an experience
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