Starting a Pilates Business<br>Cara R. & John M.<br>Discussion 2071

Starting a Pilates Business
Cara R. & John M.
Discussion 2071

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Thank you so much for this! I am about to celebrate my first year in my studio. I worked out of my home for 2.5 years before expanding. I work only the hours my elementary aged kids are in school and this has been the hardest and yet most awesome year ever!!! Your advice was reassuring and made me feel good about the path I have chosen. Slow and steady....thank you!
Thank you so much Cara and John for this discussion!! I have been teaching for 7 years and recently moved to a new city so I am having to start over with my client base. This was really encouraging and I hope to start small and build a business in my community. You gave some really good advice Cara on where to start and how to do it. Thank you!
Hi Cara,
Are your instructors employees or independent contractors? I have employees wanting to switch to independent contractors but I have my business set up similar to yours where clients see all of the staff, we share online scheduling, and have a studio manager. This teacher is going to leave with a lot of clients though, so I'm considering creating a independent contractor scenario for her. Love your thoughts
Kari, most of my staff are independent contractors. The main issue here is that each state has different laws for contract employment and these must be followed. I would be happy to talk to you more about this if you want. Contractors work for my business model in Colorado. Let me know if you want more on this. Cara
Thank you Cara for this video! Having my own small pilates studio has been my dream for over 10 yrs! I've lost 2 investors through the yrs & I'm on my 3rd now! Fingers crossed that this time it goes through! The information on this video is so helpful! Wish me luck! I'm praying everyday!
Patricia, I am so glad it helped. Reach out anytime if you need to think through stuff, happy to help. Luck is yours!
Tone Pilates
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Wow that was the best use of 40 minutes I've had all week. I wish I had watched this BEFORE I started my own Pilates business last year.

Thank you Cara and John!

- Oliver @ Tone Pilates in Vancouver
Oliver, I am so glad to hear this. You are very welcome.

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Thank you so much Cara!
I’m still figuring out what works, after 16 years of having a successful studio, and thinking about opening a second location, there’s still so so many unanswered questions I have about the best methods of running this business!
I totally agree we need more data and open discussions about the business of Pilates!
See you at PMA!
Thanks Jen
Ana B
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Thank you, Cara! Amazing pieces of information, very realistic and useful. Wishing you lots of success with your business! Hugs from Dubai
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