Reset your Shoulder Girdle<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2077

Reset your Shoulder Girdle
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2077

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Thank you so much for sharing your shoulder-resetting and pecs-stretching tips with us, Niedra. This felt so good :)) I like the way you give people plenty of time to feel the stretches and walk around to correct them, regardless of the clock ticking or the video running. Like in a real class... which it is, I think !
Niedra Gabriel
Dear Anne, thank you for your post. Yes, filming is always a real class and I prefer to approach all filming the same way. I think if is more interesting for the viewers as well, as it is not performance but real education.
Niedra this was amazing.. extremely helpful... I hurt my shoulders this weekend and found it very therapeutic! Great start to the week..thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Anita, Good to know this work was helpful to you.
I love how the attention to body positioning in the first half of the class carried through into the second. These autumnal days are bringing the inevitable colds and sniffles, and this class is exactly what I needed to feel connected to my body again. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your post Shelly - so glad you felt reconnected. and I see you live in the UK - love the UK, I have many friends there and drop over one a year to visit. Enjoy enjoy.
Very helpful, thank you!
Joanna T
Fantastic shoulder exercises - thank you so much!
Sue S
Niedra Gabriel Thank you for these excellent shoulder stretches. Just what I needed. Can you suggest classes or specific preparatory exercises for the moves starting just before 38 minutes please where both legs are lifted up and over the body? I have not mastered this at all and wonder if there is a way of approaching this step by step?
Niedra Gabriel
Sue S thank you for your comment. The roll over and variations is more than the shoulder girdle - its the whole back line of the body that needs to be loosened up. If you have tight hamstrings this could prevent your ability to do this for example.  I actually just videod a new series of workouts for Pilates Anytime and the pre pilates mat exercises are directly addressing this back line. These videos should post soon and I hope you find them helpful. 
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