Challenging Reformer Flow<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 2286

Challenging Reformer Flow
Rael Isacowitz
Class 2286

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Rachel I am always happy (and honored) to inspire people. Thanks for taking the class for a second time.
Such an awesome class! I am so happy I met you in person Rael, and working on getting my Basi certification. Enjoyed every minute of your workshop. You are the greatest instructor in the universe.
Salpi, it has been my distinct pleasure meeting you and teaching you. Good luck as you continue on this path. We are happy you have joined our BASI family.
Shireen K
Always enjoy watching Rael!! More Rael please!! Looks like a tough workout. Meredith and Sarah did a wonderful job and it’s always good to see instructors sweat too.
Dear Rael Isacowitz!
Thank you so very much for this incredible class!!!  THANK YOU for sharing your passion and your knowledge!!! 
Emily  M
Wonderful class! Real, I love your generous personality. (I did have to add a half-spring to do the Star Prep, tho...) Thank you
Thank you, Emily. It is quite legitimate to add half a spring for Star Prep. It will help provide support for the shoulder and make the entire position feel more stable. All the best!
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