Thoracic Spine Mobility
Alan Herdman
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Love Alan Herdman-such thoughtful and detailed processes, thank you very much. So many clients need this upper back work to spread the load. It would be nice to hear Hayley's feedback too...
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Alan H!
As always Alan, I love your insight and explanations! This is great thing to do with all clients but for my older clients it will help them improve their balance and control as well. Thank you so much.
Wonderful Alan! Love the specific hand placement for mid thoracic sidebending focus. So glad you are on PA!
Felt lovely did it myself as always take it into my shoulders
Simple but so effective! I watched this morning and it really started my day off right, especially after doing computer work and payroll all last night. I added these exercises to my classes today and they were well received by all. Thank you, Alan!
Lovely work so needed the praxis of the thoracic spine.Thank you Alan Herdman,great additions to the cause...

As usual Alan , very good.
Thank you so much for this valuable tutorial, Alan. It will help my clients improve their thoracic spine mobility and even myself, it helped a lot.
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Great, short and very informative tutorial with clear instructions.
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