Shoulder Mechanics
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 2372

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Really nice tutorial. Thanks Sherri!!!
One question: Could we use a flex band if we don't have Fletcher Towels? Or better a normal towel /yoga straps?
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Cristina you could use a pashmina shawl. Those are not too thick, just the right length and provide a little bit of stretch in the fabric.
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Wonderful cues for shoulders down! Thank you so much for sharing this! I look forward to using the fletcher towel!
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Really useful thanks Sherri. I've just started comprehensive with Polestar in London so doing some prep for assessing functional exercises:) Great cueing as ever thankyou. Sarah
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What an informative tutorial! Thank you so much. 
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!  So happy to hear!  Stay safe and well!
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Thank you for such a clear and informative tutorial! Much appreciated. Love your work Sherri
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So useful, love the tattoo cue really worked for connecting to the right muscles. Thanks
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Amazing! This helped me so much
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