Using the Oov<br>Daniel Vladeta<br>Tutorial 2559

Using the Oov
Daniel Vladeta
Tutorial 2559

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That's awesome news. I've also been in touch with the NZ dustributor who is keen to run some training here in Christchurch. Thanks for sharing your experience too Kristy!
Thank you so much Daniel, I really enjoyed the workshop this is a great refresher!
Fabulous! And so good to see these new camera angles from above. I've seen some fantastic tutorials that were totally let down as it was impossible to see what the teacher was pointing out. More of these angles please - perfect!
Glenda F
Getting used to using my Oov, so this was really awesome!
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I really enjoy the OOV.  Are there any contraindications for the OOV such as osteoporosis/scoliosis/lumbar instability? Daniel Vladeta   I'm planning on taking the fundamentals course in Atlanta in April, but wanted to get a head start.
Amanda C 
The unstable nature of the Oov, is designed to facilitate the user to learn to control the lumbar pelvic complex. To help people to learn to control lumbar instability is one of the reasons we designed the Oov.
Osteoporosis and Scoliosis are definitely not contraindications, but may require some nuance in sizing and positioning. 
We have used the Oov with pretty much every pathology, but it does come down to how to size and position the user. There are many variations depending on the Pathology, (too many to list here) but in the course, the first morning addresses all the main pathologies and variations on positioning them.
I hope this helps and thank you for your question.
Donne O
How do you determine what size overall to use?l
Donne O Please see the size chart on this page for sizing.
Thank you.
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