Fluid Cadillac<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2713

Fluid Cadillac
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2713

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Moorea P
I loved the detail of reminding that the thumbs go around the brown bar vs on the reformer the fingers are extended. I also loved the cue that the back rounds because we have that deep contraction while the shoulders down as well as having the shoulders over the hips on the brown bar roll back.
Emma M
I enjoyed watching this video on the Cadillac. It was very informative and the instructions for each exercise were so clear. The Ron Fletcher teaser exercise was great to watch!
Isabella G
It's really nice to see all the connections between Cadillac exercises and mat work. I didn't realize it was possible to do the saw mat exercise on the Cadillac and it's interesting to see how the different apparatus changes the feeling of the exercise—for example, using a flat back/hinge position during saw on the Cadillac versus rounding the back on the mat. 
Lauren S
Such a beautiful class! I always love seeing how certain moves translate from mat, to reformer, to Cadillac. I  particularly loved the flow into the teaser and the teaser variations. I also found the cue "pull up with the belly" to be helpful when cueing teaser variations!
wonderful energetic class, thank you very much!
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