Building Up to a Handstand<br>Juan Nieto<br>Tutorial 2870

Building Up to a Handstand
Juan Nieto
Tutorial 2870

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Really enjoyed this. Thanks Juan. I think the wrist strengthening and mobilising exercises are so relevant for everyone regardless of whether they are trying to progress to a handstand too. Will definitely be incorporating those into my classes.
Ana C
love that ! gracias
Gracias Juan!!!
Alison P
Thanks Juan, I enjoyed your clear progression explanation. I’m going to use this!
Wow , what a great tutorial Juan!!!!!! İ just start to train myself with handstand , and your tutorial helps a lot!!!!!!
Dian E
Thank you so much!! I like this...
Juan, its so good to revisit your videos. Your teaching and progression is clear.  This is going to be my next challenge.
Thank you.
I love this!  Thank you:)
I have quivering arms ... in the best way!! gracias 🙏🏼
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