Preparing for Inversions
Niedra Gabriel
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thank you sunni - you are so sweet! we should probably take a bow?... you are making me laugh.
lifting those shoulders like in a real, true mermaid! Kara is wonderful to work with I can see. Thank you for this reaffirming tutorial. The first preparation for inversion in the basic work is Rolling Like a Balla and Elephant!
Thank you for your comment Colleen, so glad you enjoyed it and yes, Kara is fabulous to work with.
Fabulous tutorial. My wrists were beautifully coaxed into a new organization after they made it through the painful part.Such great information and cuing allowed me to do the chair pushups on my own successfully -for the first time!
I applaud you Laurie, you are making my day - I love hearing that students watching video's have break throughs in their own practices. Fabulous!
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Wonderful! I have been working towards my handstands and this has given me so many new tools to find success. Thank you!
Wonderful Becky, I am thrilled you enjoyed this - looking forward to meeting you upside down someday.
Wow just WOW! What a great ladder barrel workout.  2020 goal is to be able to do a hand stand. Niedra you gave me so much information so that I can break it down into small steps to strengthen myself . Bravo, Kara!!
You go Amy , please let me know how your hands stands progress in 2020. 
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