Tight Hamstring Modification<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2897

Tight Hamstring Modification
Monica Wilson
Class 2897

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Loved this - so good for those of us who spend our days at a computer. Do you have any sessions that target tight, sore hip flexors? Thank you!
Monica Wilson
Hi Susie! Sorry to take so long to answer you! Please try class #2896. It is exactly what you are looking for! Hope you enjoy it! Monica:)
Thank you! Oh yes please more….a Mat Class Level 2 and 2/3 please!
Hi Monica, first class I have watched of yours and found really useful thanks. I teach seniors who often seem to cramp up with tight hamstrings - particularly in shoulder bridge etc. We do a long warm up but I think some of these cues will help thanks. Any further classes for the older adult would be really appreciated! Best wishes from the UK, Sarah.
Monica Wilson
Hi Sarah! Thank you for your feedback! I find any exercises which ask my older adult client to use their hamstrings will cause either their hamstring, calve or foot to cramp up unless they have been doing them regularly or really working up to them. As we get older we seldom fire our back, hip or back of leg muscles. It takes constant effort and concentration to keep these muscles strong. Sounds like you're doing a great job trying to keep your client's on the right track:)
Much appreciated comments thank you Monica. I'm very accepting that any teaching of Pilates or otherwise is a journey for the teacher and the client. Thanks so much for your inputx
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Perfect instructions and cueing as always...thank you
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this one is amazing...the way you teach is perfect..l have sent you a private question to you asking about back positions ..can you please check it out :)
William H
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Hi Monica, wanted to share that I found this video very helpful and encouraging.  As an older guy I have tight hamstrings.  I am practicing your video 3 in the beginner's series and wasn't sure if having slightly bent knees or using your triangle technique was appropriate.  This video answers those doubts.  Will keep at it and with some extra hamstring stretching see if things improve in the near future.  Thank you!
Monica Wilson
Hi William, So glad to hear this video was helpful and clarifies the work. I myself find that I can still do even advanced exercises but might need to take a little longer stretching beforehand. Check out class #3333 if you would like a series of stretches, including hamstring stretches, before your next mat work. Hope you are staying well and that the work keeps you vibrant and strong!
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