Direction and Space<br>Brent Anderson<br>Tutorial 2969

Direction and Space
Brent Anderson
Tutorial 2969

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Patty Hafen
Dr. Brent is the best! Thank you for the always-great tools and info. I so much appreciate it.
Patty Hafen
Always great tools from Dr. Brent. Thank you so much!
Thank you, Brett for yet another great tutorial. I will be "Pass" on your PA class anytime! ;D
Fantastic tips.... The  push pull theory is really a helpful tool ..!  Thank u!
Cynthia G
That was so interesting.  Will keep that info in mind when I work on my own.  So helpful
I really enjoyed these demonstrations and feel like they expand very well on the basic Polestar concepts that I've been learning!
Nguyen H
Thank you so much teacher! it's really help for a newbie like me!
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