Vertebro Manubrium Region<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 3020

Vertebro Manubrium Region
Madeline Black
Tutorial 3020

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I really enjoyed this short tutorial x so interesting to see that a lax Trapezius and hypermobility could be corrected so quickly and easily.
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Very well and clearly explained tutorial. This is a region we should focus on. I have tried with my clients to get this small movement., now I have more info to pass on to then. Thank you for this wonderful information.
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WOW! Thanks Madeline Black for sharing your wisdom.
Thank you for this very instructive tutorial ....
Maggie L
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Looking at just a couple of the rings of the thorax is awesome! Often under-looked at or overlooked altogether. (and Linda Joy-Lee's courses aren't available to non-PTs.)

Valuable tutorial in content structure,length, pace and delivery!

It doesn't go too deep, nor does Madeline veer off out of excitement, reflect out loud about what she's seen in her own clients/students, nor go on too long. and the model was lovingly quiet and contained, while still expressing her enthusiasm (clearly a teacher). I think contributing teachers could use this as a model for crafting and scripting well-edited tutorials.

Thanks, Madeline, for offering a softly focused lesson (without a lot of clutter!) that I can use for future reference. It's so well explained I'll consider sharing it directly with clients, even if it's just to further illustrate the level of nuance and complexity of the human form.
Madeline Black
Thank you for your appreciation Maggie
Raechka S
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Wonderful tutorial with a such brilliant cues that immediately reflected in body! Thanks a lot!
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Thank you. what a wonderful tutorial. I actually wish you'd gone longer, though the clarity of what you treated is awesome. Maybe a full-hour video about lifting the manubrium in relation to correcting forward head posture? Or maybe that's a dissertation. I loved the see-saw image, was surprised you did not mention the pectoralis minor nor the way that rotating the humerus externally opens the clavicular joint at the manubrium, but maybe those are secondary or tertiary considerations. Please, do more videos on this important junction. And thank you.
Madeline Black
Thank you fro your comment Paul. I would love expand the tutorial into a longer workshop. I focus on bone movement, the fascia and muscles involved participate in the motion. I tend not focus on one muscle since that is not how movement occurs. Also, it was a short tutorial as you said. I will ask PA about more videos! You could too by the way! Best wishes, Madeline 
Jessica G
this was great..thank you!
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