Split Pedal Wunda Chair<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3042

Split Pedal Wunda Chair
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3042

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Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your comment Jaime, the chair we worked on is balanced body split step chair - and it has a lot of options for springs.
I am not used to working with all these options - For practitioners educated in working on this type of chair I can see it offers variety to challenge their clients with. There is a difference in the tension with the outside and inside springs.
Virginia C.
Easy to follow class even though it was challenging! Thank you and please post more Wunda Chair workouts.
Niedra Gabriel
thank you Virginia, I would love to do more wound chair video's, I will keep your request in mind.
This workout is fun and challenging- really good for left/right imbalance awareness. Thank you Niedra- so clearly taught. My split pedal chair is not my apparatus of choice usually, but this will make me use it as there was definitely room for improvement!!
Awesome class, thanks!
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I like the push up variations - it’s an interesting class because I never really “felt the burn” but I feel like I moved in all planes which is good thanks! 
Niedra Gabriel
Elizabeth D thanky ou for your comment. "The burn" is a weird set of words that establishes something I do not agree about - we are all so different and what is turned on or not on is body per body different.
So I am happy you moved in all the planes and ultimately we are about movment .

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What is it that you don’t agree about the burn? I’m just curious what your response is but not trying to be aggressive.  Do you think that we shouldn’t work to a burn? I love your work! And sometimes you really make me feel the burn 
Niedra Gabriel
Elizabeth D I dont agree or disagree,  I too like to work hard and feel the impact on my body.  ( my muscles burning or fatiguing from positive stress of working hard. My awareness is that teaching via video or workout that reaches hundreds maybe thousands of people,  each person has a different body, level of application and who knows what else.  My words as a teacher may accidentally create a false standard as some may not "feel the burn" and deduct that they are not working hard enough...   It's more my awareness that words can create a standard that becomes an absolute accidentally.   I hope this is making my point clear?  If you worked hard and felt the brun and liked it, I'm happy for you, Go for it.
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