Mat for Shoulder Mobility
Amy Havens
Class 3070

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Midori M I would not suggest this class for someone with a rotator cuff tear and who cannot raise the arm above the head with a straight are -- yet.  But I have had slight rotator cuff tear issues and this is the type of movement that I knew I wanted to get back to.  Progress slowly please!
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Hi Amy, this sequence is fabulous for my neck and shoulders. I love it and have had some great success teaching it to a client of mine. Thanks so much!
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My shoulders are wonky and I have hyper mobility, with my right shoulder almost popping out during a lot of Pilates movements.  For instance, I can’t extend my arms over my head while on the foam roller without my shoulder popping.  Any other classes you suggest to strengthen my shoulders? 
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Hi Kat T, I recommend trying these classes: #2826 Mat workout, #3975 Standing Upper Body Workout, and #2673 Wall Workout. Please feel free to email us at for more recommendations!
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Hello. I just started Pilates Anytime and you are quickly becoming my go to. I had breast cancer 4 years ago and my post surgery right shoulder is still struggling with mobility and strength. This class was amazing and so insightful. I was able to dissect more closely the cause and start seeing what would be key to a return to more mobility. Thank you!
Hello Elizabeth D welcome to Pilates Anytime!  I'm so happy you're here and that you found this class.  I can imagine your post surgery tightness is still something you're working through.  Let us know how else we might be able to help you with suggesting other classes etc.  
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