Reformer Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3190

Reformer Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 3190

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Well this class certainly is the gift that keeps giving! In fact its fair to say your whole body of work is so effective! looking forward to your current series too! Thanks   really enjoyed this class!
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Great class Karen! You always have the perfect words to facilitate great connections. Thank you 🙏
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Thank you Pilates Anytime for reposting this class. Karen Sanyo is up there with the BEST Pilates Instructors!!!
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Thank you so much for real time, for great cuing, for the fun and the sweat, - wonderful!
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I'm really enjoying your classes! :) Thank you!
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Five years later-I am continue to have fun doing this class!
Christine S
Love your classes Karen and only just found this one. Excellent explanations of the value of making connections.
Athena H
Most excellent!
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